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When I started 2020, I had a different path. While I was a cannabis expert with fibromyalgia, I didn’t want to be known for my disease. To just be labeled as the fibro lady and stuck in that box…

But when COVID hit the United States, and the country was in shutdown, I saw more and more patients across the US via telehealth video sessions. These patients had many different medical conditions, but the ones suffering the most were the ones with complex, severe chronic pain like fibromyalgia.

COVID-19 pandemic stopped fibro care

These patients no longer had access to their massage therapists or alternative medicine practitioners that kept their pain levels down, their muscles flexible, and their mood up. Vitamins, foods, and even medications they used to use for their daily regimen were out of stock, sometimes indefinitely due to supply chain issues. They were isolated from their support networks and felt more alone than ever before.

Nonstop stress worsens fibro flares

The uncertainty and stress of losing their jobs, their medical insurance, their housing, or even their life during COVID caused their diseases to flareup, leaving them in excruciating pain with no energy to cook, clean, or even shower. Ten minutes watching the news, and it looked like it was pointless to get out of bed. Every day was just getting worse. They might as well just eat junk and comfort food which exacerbated their disease and find ways to pass the time while the US was spiraling out of control.

cannabis can help your fibromyalgia flare

Emotional and physical abuse skyrocketed

The last straw was that many patients were stuck in homes where they spent more time with their spouse, family, or roommates than ever before. For some people it was merely stressful, and for others, the tension has escalated into mental or even physical abuse. Patients with chronic illness or disabilities are more likely to be abused than others, and less likely to leave because of the lack of financial resources or even energy.

So many tears shed

COVID left these patients trapped, unable to escape their home situations, the crushing weight of their illness, and the tragedy of the world, including deaths of friends of family members. I have never had more patients cry on calls with me these past months than I have had in my 10 years of practice.

And I was crying too. I knew their pain, their hopelessness; I had hit that rock bottom prior to COVID. And I knew the way out.

How could I help them?

I wanted to help my patients more, but under my current services, my 10-20 minute sessions couldn’t give them the emotional support, resources, or health transformation they desperately needed.

I needed to show up every week, every day for them. I needed to be more than just an oracle of knowledge. I needed to be courageous, to be vulnerable, to show them hope, and to lead them out of the darkness step by step.

I needed to show them how to recover from their fibromyalgia, to show them what other doctors and coaches in the fibromyalgia space won’t. To show them that the impossible is actually possible. And to show them that I am here for them always, no matter how confusing or difficult the journey to fibromyalgia recovery is.

My calling to leadership

That’s when I realized I needed the courage to launch Fibro University.

I created the Fibro University Membership to help patients with fibromyalgia design a life that supports their progress to recovery – so you can feel connected, supported, and motivated every day.

Each month I deliver you brand-new content that’s easy to access on your computer, phone or tablet.

These are just some of the topics we’ll deep dive into and get you on the road to fibromyalgia recovery:

  • CBD oil and cannabis
  • ways to improve sleep
  • the latest pain treatments
  • stress management
  • diets to reduce pain
  • the latest fibromyalgia clinical research
  • way to improve energy
  • exercises to reduce pain
  • the impact of fibro on love, family & work

…For only $97!

But this deal will not last forever. In fact, the lifetime membership disappears Friday July 24th, 2020 & the prices goes up for an annual membership.

>> Click Here To Join Fibro University

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Why I Decided To Launch Fibro University Now