Why Do People Choose Vaping Over Smoking?

For many smokers and would-be smokers, vaping is becoming an attractive alternative that lets them get the sensations they want without some of the drawbacks that come with traditional smoking. Everyone approaches vaping for different reasons, but its broad appeal makes it the right choice for several reasons. As more emphasis is placed on giving up smoking and other traditional tobacco products, expect to see vaping take over an even larger role in many wellness journeys.

What Is Vaping?

If you’ve never vaped before, it may be tempting to see it as just another way to smoke. Vaping is not smoking, and no smoke is involved. In vaping, a nicotine solution is atomized by a fast-heating coil to produce a vapor. This vapor is either drawn into the mouth or directly into the lungs. Often this solution is flavored, and it’s available in a variety of strengths to help tailor your vaping experience.

Reasons People Choose Vaping Over Smoking

Easier on the Body – Traditional tobacco smoking is incredibly harsh and damaging to the lungs and other bodily organs. This can have dramatic health consequences, leaving you short of breath, fighting heart disease, or battling cancer. Even when smoking cannabis products, a user might experience a harsher sensation from smoke rather than vaping.

No Smoke Odor or Residue – Because there’s no smoke, you don’t saturate your clothes, hair, or surroundings with the smell of smoke. This can help you avoid causing a negative reaction in someone allergic to cigarette smoke.

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Plenty of Options – Instead of just tobacco or menthol, vape juice comes in a variety of flavors to delight your palate. The range of nicotine also helps people who want to use it as a smoking cessation aid to kick the habit.

No Second-Hand Smoke – Second-hand smoke can be just as dangerous to those around you as the smoke you inhale is to yourself. With vaping, second-hand smoke isn’t an issue as the exhaled vapor is in much smaller concentration and a vape doesn’t continuously put off vapor as a cigarette does with smoke.

More Socially Acceptable – Because it’s less harmful and doesn’t have the same effects on the area and people around you, vaping is more widely accepted as a lifestyle choice than smoking by those who neither vape nor smoke.

Doesn’t Have to Include Nicotine – While vaping is most associated with nicotine, plenty of vape enthusiasts choose otherwise. Some people choose nicotine-free liquids because they love the flavor and social aspects of vaping, while others use it as their chosen way to vape CBD, a hemp derivative that gives them access to the potential health benefits of cannabis.

Easier than Ever – While vaping used to be relegated to those who wanted to commit to expensive hardware and bottles of solutions, the Juul device made it more accessible with easy to use stick vapes. While recent regulations may have eliminated many of its flavor options, high-quality Juul alternative pods and disposables are available to give you great taste in an easy-to-use package.

Choose the Right Path for You

While vaping isn’t for everybody, for many it’s the right way for them to get their daily fix of nicotine or dose of cannabis. If you’ve found that smoking is no longer an enjoyable activity or you’re tired of braving the outdoor smoking areas of your office building alone, it may be time to consider if vaping could be a better choice for you.

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