How does the device you use to smoke marijuana affect your buzz? Given that cannabis users are resourceful, inquisitive folks, it should not be surprising that a lot of people have pondered this question. The answer: no one is exactly sure. There has apparently been only one scientific study on the subject. Though the results were inconclusive, due largely to the prevalence of variables, the study has sparked an ongoing conversation among experts and consumers.

Ways to Smoke Medical Marijuana

Most methods for smoking cannabis have been around forever, whether rolled paper, water pipes, or a dry pipe. Each of these systems delivers different types of highs, depending on the smoker, the type of product, and the environment in which the product is consumed. And now, given the heightened awareness of the medical and beneficial psychoactive properties of marijuana, how people are consuming their cannabis may depend on why they are using these products in the first place.

Let’s take a look at some smoking options to see the differences in designs and the kind of high they deliver.

woman holding a cannabis pipe to smoke marijuana out of

Dry Cannabis Pipes

Because cannabis and humans have lived in harmony for thousands of years, paraphernalia first evolved centuries ago. According to an article in National Geographic, a recent archeological find shows that 2500 years ago, on a high plateau along the Silk Road, people ingested a strain of cannabis, heated with stones. And for centuries, pipes were the primary means of smoking cannabis. Cannabis pipes have always been the most efficient and portable method of smoking marijuana, whether constructed from clay, wood, or a Bic pen and tin foil.

Fortunately, the times they are a-changin’. Many online head shops offer far-out designs made with glass, silicone, and metal. In addition to conventional devices, many smokers who prefer the convenience of dry pipes favor specialized options, including chillums and the beloved camouflaged cigarette one-hit. The efficiency of the delivery system and the ability to easily regulate the quantity consumed allow the smoker to maintain a consistent high.

Water Pipes

In so many ways, the bong is the equivalent of Michael Jackson’s Thriller album: it set the tone for everything that has come since, it’s a design of undeniable genius, and it has been improved upon but never replaced. The bong has long been the centerpiece of many a social gathering. They are festive, functional, and a time-honored object of innovation and creativity. The process of delivering a single hit of cannabis through water into the lung remains the most efficient smoking method and is generally the choice of those seeking an intense high.

woman rolling cannabis into joints to smoke on table

Roll Your Own

For a lot of people, there is no substitute for a joint. Many people either prefer the ease and portability of rolled smoking products like a joint or a blunt and others simply don’t like smoking out of a pipe. Learning to roll a joint is a right of passage. And the DIY nature of preparation adds to the satisfaction of the smoking experience. Enhancing this long-time tradition is the introduction of rolling accessories, including blunt wraps, filters, and glass tips, which mellow out some of the harsher aspects of smoking through paper.

It’s What Goes Into Your Device That Matters

In the end, individuals will choose the device that works best for them. What’s more important is that smokers take advantage of the innovations in cultivation that enhance the smoking experience. The expansion of decriminalization and legalization laws has led to a Renaissance in research into how to engineer strains of cannabis to improve their medicinal and psychotherapeutic properties.

In addition to the manipulation of the organic structure of cannabis, including, terpenes, cannabinoids (CBNs), and cannabidiol (CBD), experts are experimenting with hybrid products combining other organic therapeutics, including kratom, which some experts are promoting.

Get Help With Cannabis

If all of these options seem overwhelming, you may want to reach out to a health coach, like Dr. Michele Ross, who can guide you to the products that are right for you.

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Why What You Smoke Out Of Can Impact Your High