Top 10 Cannabis Accessories for New Users

New to smoking? Cannabis is more popular than ever, so it’s not surprising that the community is being blessed with so many new faces. Whether you’re a medical patient or a recreational smoker, making sense of the many cannabis accessories out there can be quite an undertaking. Don’t be intimidated! Getting familiar with marijuana culture is actually pretty easy, and the community is famously friendly and willing to help.

Don’t smoke cannabis? These accessories also work for smoking hemp flower that contains CBD.

Our Top 10 Cannabis Accessories

Here are ten essential smoking accessories newbies and vets alike should have on hand.

woman holding green pipe with marijuana for smoking

1. Glass Pipe

Out of all of the smoking accessories out there, a glass pipe — frequently called a bowl — is the most well-known. While the art of blowing glass has been around since the ancient days, the first patent for glass pipes was only filed in 1977. Since then, you would be hard-pressed to find a smoker who doesn’t own at least one.

Most smokers would agree that in a smoking context, glass is superior to metal, wood, ceramic, stone, and other materials. Besides the iconic, psychedelic look and endless design possibilities, glass provides a much cleaner, tastier smoking experience because you’re only burning the plant matter.

2. Bong

While bongs have long been popularized as over-the-top pieces for taking massive rips, they’re actually very practical. Bongs use water filtration to make the smoke easier to handle, so even big hits go down smooth and easy. 

There are many types of bongs out there, with the beaker style being the most recognizable. Many bongs feature percolators that cause the water to bubble, further filtering and cooling the smoke. You can also attach ash catchers for increased filtration, and some bongs also feature ice catchers so you can fill the bong with ice for extra cooling.

If you plan on using a bong, keep in mind that smoking large amounts at a time on a regular basis can raise your cannabis tolerance. Taking a day or two off should reset it.

woman grinding marijuana flower and using rolling papers to make a cannabis joint

3. Rolling Papers

Even if you usually smoke from a pipe or bong, it’s nice to change it up once in a while, and joints are perfect for sharing with friends. Rolling papers is one of the essential cannabis accessories every cannabis user should have on their person. Rolling papers are used to roll joints, which are basically filterless cigarettes with cannabis instead of tobacco. If you’re struggling to roll your own, or if you just prefer an easier option, you could use pre-rolled cones instead of traditional papers. 

4. Grinder

A grinder is a circular container that contains jagged ‘teeth’ that grind your cannabis into tiny pieces. In addition to saving you some work, grinders keep your hands clean and reduce waste. Many grinders also have a small compartment in the bottom called a kief catcher. Kief is the potent crystalline powder that falls off the buds. You can put it into your pollen press to create hash coins.

5. Pollen Press

Another cannabis accessory is a pollen press, a cylindrical device that unscrews on both sides. You pour your kief into the middle so it’s sandwiched between two flat, circular pieces, and then you screw both sides tightly. After a few hours, you can remove the pollen ‘puck’ and smoke it on its own or add it to a bowl or bong, or you could even break it up and sprinkle it into a joint.

6. Vape Pen

While it’s technically not a smoking accessory, a vape pen is a worthy addition to any smoker’s collection. While vapes first gained popularity among people looking for an alternative to cigarettes, the devices have become synonymous with cannabis use. Vaping CBD and terpenes is also gaining quite a bit of traction.

Just make sure you only vape cartridges made by reputable companies, and never vape anything that contains vitamin E acetate.

If you prefer to stick with natural plant matter instead of e-liquids, you might want to look into a dry herb vaporizer like Pax. They heat the cannabis at a lower temperature so you’re able to inhale the THC vapor without actually burning the plant material at a high enough temperature to cause smoke. 

cannabis flower lying on a rolling tray accessory

7. Rolling Tray

It might not seem like an important accessory, but a dedicated rolling tray is one of those things you don’t truly appreciate until it’s not there. A rolling tray is just a flat surface that you can use for all of your smoking tasks. It’s perfect for when you don’t feel like getting off the couch when you want to roll a joint or pack a bowl.

8. Blunt Wraps

Rolling papers are to cigarettes what blunt wraps are to cigars. Many smokers save blunts for special occasions, due to the amount of cannabis required to roll one. That said, you can still roll a small, cigarette-sized blunt. Rolling a blunt is an artform that takes a lot of practice. Try not to be too discouraged if the first few fall apart on you.

9. Bubbler

A bubbler is like a cross between a pipe and a bong. They’re usually mid-sized and made out of glass. You fill the main chamber with water, and then when you hit it, the water bubbles (hence the name). A bubbler is an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy water filtration but aren’t quite ready for a bong.

10. Dugout

A dugout is a compact box that typically contains a compartment for your herb and a small, tubular smoking device called a one-hitter. Dugouts are super portable, and they’re great when you want to just take a quick hit here and there. One-hitters are frequently designed to look like a cigarette so you can take a quick puff without attracting attention.

The only downside is that one-hitters do get dirty quickly, so you should have a poker tool on hand to clear it out as needed. In fact, a poker tool — paper clips and bobby pins are popular options — is a must-own accessory that will come in handy very frequently.

Don’t Overthink Your Cannabis Accessories

As long as you have a basic pipe and a lighter, you should be good to go. As you get more familiar with cannabis smoking, you’ll start to understand which smoking accessories are right for you. For example, if the smoke is too harsh on your lungs, you could buy a bong or bubbler. Pay attention to your sessions, and then think about how you could improve them.

Like any hobby, the more you smoke, the better you get at it! Enjoy the journey, and try not to get too hung up on the minor details. 

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