Our articles review the latest clinical research and benefits of magic mushrooms containing psilocybin on mental health including anxiety, depression, addiction, PTSD and ADHD. Microdosing mushrooms provides benefits without the traditional long-lasting psychoactivity of a mushroom trip. Several cities have decriminalized psilocybin mushrooms including Denver, Santa Cruz, and Oakland. Each of our posts is evidence-based and written or reviewed by Dr. Michele Ross herself.

Our top psilocybin mushroom articles are:

  1. Plant Medicine Personality Quiz
  2. Sex on Magic Mushrooms
  3. Should You Do Mushrooms During The Coronavirus Shutdown?

  • Psilocybin: The Magic Ingredient in Psychedelic Mushrooms

    According to many studies and researches, scientists believe that psilocybin might have therapeutic effects if adequately dosed. It’s the primary psychoactive ingredient in psychedelic or hallucinogenic mushrooms, which are usually called magic mushrooms because they give a particular high to the users. The most recent statistics show that, so far, we’ve discovered more than 100 […]


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    Should You Do Mushrooms During The Coronavirus Shutdown?

    Millions of people around the world have been isolated at home for weeks, practicing social distancing so they don’t spread coronavirus or COVID-19. While some people have been kept busy doing our jobs from home, others can’t do their job from home, or worse, have been laid off. If you have a partner or kids, […]


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    Sex On Magic Mushrooms: Is It Safe?

    Sophie Saint James, the author of Finding Your Higher Self: Your Guide To Cannabis For Self-Care, interviewed me on sex and magic mushrooms for her Stoned Sex Column in Merry Jane. As a neuroscientist who has both studied psilocybin mushrooms and had sex while tripping on them, I was happy to offer my insights! Generally […]


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    Mushrooms Are The Gateway To A Better Life

    I’m beyond excited to launch my very first podcast. Yes it’s unpolished and I wish I had some fancy music in the beginning, but what’s important is the energy and excitement I bring knowing that I’m going to be spending time educating you all about the magic of mushrooms and interviewing the leading experts in […]


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    Why Drugs Should Be Legal

    Dr. Ross and host Ryan discuss drug legalization and the success Portugal is having, the hypocrisy around some substances being legal while others aren’t, her ridiculous arrest at gunpoint, psilocybin decriminalization initiative in Denver for 2019 and much more on this podcast!