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    Honest Review of Ladykind CBD For Period Pain

    As most of you know, this LadyKind CBD review is not my first time trying a CBD product. In fact, I first started using THC-containing cannabis products back in 2012 and hemp-derived CBD oil back in 2015. But my experiences with cannabis go way back as a scientist. I published my first scientific journal article, […]


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    5 Ways Mobile Apps Are Redefining the Healthcare Industry

    Mobile phones are among the digital devices that come with a lot of significance in people’s lives. With the different apps that people have on their phones, the relevance of these phones has increased. The use of mobile apps is widespread and not only for entertainment purposes but also for medical use. The entire medical […]


  • woman drinking CBD tea for period cramps

    What is the Best Tea For Period Cramps?

    Dread “Shark Week?” You’re not alone. 84% of women experience painful period cramps as part of a common medical condition called dysmenorrhea. Sipping a cup of tea can be relaxing, but did you know specific types of teas actually have health benefits? The best PMS teas can reduce period cramp symptoms like pelvic pain, inflammation, […]


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    6 Incredible Health Benefits of CBD For Women

    In recent years, more and more women have incorporated CBD oil into their lifestyle. Many are seeking it’s health benefits including the ability to reduce inflammation, squash anxiety, and fight skin aging. While prescribed medications have many side effects, alternative medicine options like CBD have made it easier for women to deal with hormonal imbalances, […]