muscle spasms

Our articles review the latest clinical research and treatments for muscle spasms so you can successfully reduce muscle cramps, muscle pain, charlie horses, and workout injuries. Each of our posts is evidence-based and written or reviewed by neuroscientist Dr. Michele Ross herself.

Our top muscle spasm articles are:

  • How To Recover From A Workout With CBD

    There are many things you can do after a workout to promote quick recovery. From staying hydrated, resting, eating the right diet, and doing stretch exercises it’s vital to keep your muscles in good shape so that you can go back to the next workout much sooner. Despite this, most of these options may not […]


  • woman doing pushup high on cannabis

    5 Benefits of Cannabis For Workout Recovery

    If you’re a fitness enthusiast who desires to achieve a muscular physique, then the herbal remedies might help workout recovery. Natural healing takes into account the holistic well-being of your body as well as mind. Not only does it alleviate the physical symptoms, but it also takes care of the mental sphere. One of the […]


  • young asian woman holding sore leg muscle

    5 Best Ways To Treat Muscular Pain With CBD Oil

    The pain and agony caused by tight muscles is something that most of us experience at some point. If you are lucky, the debilitating effect of muscular pain will be temporary and short-lived. For a vast number of people who suffer from diseases that cause acute pain, the nightmare of not even being able to […]


  • 5 Benefits of Cannabis and Massage

    Cannabis has made a name in most households in the last few years owing to the wave of legalization. You can find either cannabis or CBD written on a wide range of products on the market, but it is not just the products that are under the grasp of cannabis.  Many professionals today are offering […]