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  • 6 Benefits Of Taking Care Of Your Mental Health

    Conversations around mental health have never been this loud and frequent. From celebrities to royals, more people in the public eye are sharing their mental health struggles and encouraging others to seek help. Millions of people worldwide endure some form of mental disorder. Although we still experience loneliness, it is comforting to know that others […]


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    Focus On Mental Health To Survive Another COVID Winter

    There is no denying that the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 had an impact on our lives, even in 2021.  Everything changed and people needed to adapt quickly to restrictions and guidelines.  Some people coped well and some people do not cope so well.  One area that was challenged throughout the pandemic was mental health.  Dozens […]


  • Overcoming Mental Health Stigma: 6 Steps to Consider

    At some point, almost everyone living with mental illness has received blame for their condition. You’ve seen them being called names and their symptoms referred to as something they could control “if only they tried.” This is the unwieldy power stigma holds in society today. Stigma can cause you to feel ashamed of something that’s […]


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    CBD: Break Free From The Mental Health Crisis

    Is the United States facing a mental health crisis? A look at the data points to yes. Americans are reporting more symptoms of anxiety, depression, or both than have ever been measured before. How is your mental health holding up? CBD and Your Pursuit of Happiness What do you do to maintain your mental well-being? […]


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    6 Incredible Health Benefits of CBD For Women

    In recent years, more and more women have incorporated CBD oil into their lifestyle. Many are seeking it’s health benefits including the ability to reduce inflammation, squash anxiety, and fight skin aging. While prescribed medications have many side effects, alternative medicine options like CBD have made it easier for women to deal with hormonal imbalances, […]


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    31 Healing Mantras For Patients With Chronic Illness

    Bet you think or used to think that positive affirmations or healing mantras are bullshit. Me too. But let me get vulnerable with you. When I going into the ER three times a week, and doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me, and I was on high levels of morphine each day to […]


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    Mushrooms Are The Gateway To A Better Life

    I’m beyond excited to launch my very first podcast. Yes it’s unpolished and I wish I had some fancy music in the beginning, but what’s important is the energy and excitement I bring knowing that I’m going to be spending time educating you all about the magic of mushrooms and interviewing the leading experts in […]