back pain

  • woman with fibromyalgia pain using tens machine

    TENS Units Can Provide Short-Term Pain Relief

    Finding relief from pain is a priority when you’re hurting. There are many options available, including medication. However, some people don’t want to turn to medication to get that relief. Using natural or external methods of pain relief is highly desirable. One option that some people choose to exercise is the use of electric muscle stimulator devices […]


  • woman with pinched nerves in back sitting in office chair

    Treat Pinched Nerves Naturally With CBD

    Pinched nerves are a common reason for back pain, which impact about 70% of people during their lifetime. Poor sitting habits, incorrect posture, and sometimes just aging become common factors that lead to the nerves getting unnecessary pressure from the surrounding tissues. These pinched nerves often result in sharp shooting pain in the back, neck, […]