Should You Do Mushrooms During The Coronavirus Shutdown?

Millions of people around the world have been isolated at home for weeks, practicing social distancing so they don’t spread coronavirus or COVID-19. While some people have been kept busy doing our jobs from home, others can’t do their job from home, or worse, have been laid off. If you have a partner or kids, you might be more busy than you could have possibly have imagined and go to bed exhausted each day. If you’re single, you could be bored out of your mind and quite lonely.

Tripping On Magic Mushrooms During Quarantine

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about doing psilocybin-containing magic mushrooms for the first time to pass the time, escape boredom, and at best, maybe even feel less stressed out about the whole worldwide pandemic. There are other people that have done mushrooms before, but also wonder is it a good idea to do them cooped up in my home?

Sex On Mushrooms?

Others have asked, should I have sex on mushrooms during the coronavirus shutdown? (That’s a whole other conversation: maybe, if your partner lives with you. Definitely not if your partner doesn’t live with you, that’s not practicing social distancing!).

Are Your Mushrooms Safe?

There’s the other issue of course of where did your mushrooms come from? Did you already have them? Or did a potentially infected friend or neighborhood dealer bring them over? (In that case maybe leave them quarantined in the corner for 3-4 days & wait for any potential virus to die off the packaging).

It’s All About Set and Setting

There’s a lot of things to consider when you’re thinking about consuming magic mushrooms, whether it’s your first or 30th time. Your experience can be positive or negative due to the set and setting, aka who you are with, where you are, and what your mindset is coming in.

Listen To The Experts

The team at MycoMediations, a resort in Jamaica that provides psilocybin mushroom healing retreats, discusses what you need to consider about doing magic mushrooms at home during the coronavirus pandemic in the video below.

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woman with mask covering her face to protect from coronavirus is tripping on mushrooms

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