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Dr. Michele Ross Cannabis Consultation

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Cannabis isn’t just for sick people. You have an endocannabinoid system and it’s running on empty.

Just like a vitamin D deficiency can be restored by taking vitamin D pills, an endocannabinoid deficiency can be treated by using cannabis, CBD, or other terpenes. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is your largest neurotransmitter system and regulates dopamine, serotonin, and all your other neurotransmitters. In Vitamin Weed, neuroscientist Michele Ross, PhD outlines how restoring balance to your ECS is the key to fighting inflammation, pain, aging, and even cancer.

Vitamin Weed will help you:

  • Get rid of aches and pain
  • Boost energy and reduce stress
  • Reduce dependence on prescription pills and drugs
  • Improve your mood and find motivation for life
  • Teach your body how to heal itself

Dr. Ross explains how endocannabinoid deficiency may be the root of disease and offers hope to patients struggling to find a diagnosis or relief from their symptoms. Whether you have Alzheimer’s disease, fibromyalgia, cancer, endometriosis, Parkinson's disease, depression, anxiety, PTSD, menopause, migraine headache, lupus, psoriasis, or chronic pain, Dr. Ross will guide you how to cannabis, CBD, and other natural remedies to relieve your symptoms and get you back to healthy.

Vitamin Weed outlines a 4-step plan to eliminate lifestyle choices that harm your ECS, foods you can add to prime your ECS for optimal function, ways to manage stress to prevent shutdown of your ECS, and how to add cannabis or CBD to your regimen depending on your local laws and preferences.

Vitamin Weed brings new hope to patients, caregivers, physicians, and disease nonprofits struggling without solutions. By combining the secrets of the endocannabinoid system with holistic medicine, Dr. Ross paints a new future where cannabis is preventative medicine and chronic illness is obsolete.

What People Are Saying:

“One of the best cannabis books I've ever read!”

Dee Dussault, Ganja Yoga

“Have you ever heard of the endocannabinoid system? Most likely not, although you and every other creature with a vertebrate has it...Thanks to the research of Dr. Michele Ross, it is now simple for us all to understand this concept AND how to thrive with the new knowledge from it.”

Kayla Arielle, Spoonie Sisterhood