My Surprising Trick For Treating Anxiety

Anxiety sucks. Whether you’re struggling with stress from work or home, or you’ve been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder like 4% of people worldwide, you’re not alone. If only there was a trick for treating anxiety that would make it disappear permanently.

I struggled with social anxiety for many years, and chose a career path as a scientist working in an underground lab with mice all day to avoid seeing humans. But when I got picked to do the hit CBS reality TV show Big Brother, I became a household name overnight, and meeting all those reporters and fans made my anxiety worse, not better! I began drinking heavily to deal with the stress, which of course was not healthy.

Eventually, I started using CBD and cannabis for other health issues, and I found my anxiety had disappeared (along with the heavy drinking!). Even more interesting, cannabis had helped me connect to other people, myself, and even the world around me. I felt in tune, or plugged in to life. It was like life was in full color for the first time. 

As a neuroscientist who has studied the effects of cannabis, anti-depressants, and other legal and illegal drugs on the brain. I knew there were cannabinoid receptors in the brain, and that cannabis products activated these pathways to rebalance our brain chemistry.

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After years of coaching clients with chronic pain and mental health issues in Colorado & California, I decided to create a program to reach clients struggling with anxiety, depression, or chronic stress around the world my trick for treating anxiety.

No matter where you live, you can talk to me or one of our certified cannabis health coaches about the safety of using cannabis or CBD with your current medications for anxiety like Xanax or Prozac, what the correct products and dosing might be, whether medical marijuana is legal in your state or country, and any other concerns you might have.

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dr michele noonan ross reveals her trick for beating anxiety

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Dr. Michele Ross is a neuroscientist helping women heal chronic pain with CBD, cannabis, kratom, and mushrooms. She is the author of Kratom is Medicine, Vitamin Weed and CBD Oil For Health. Sign up for The Chronic Boss program today!

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