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  • 5 Amazing Benefits of Smokable Herbs

    When you ask people if smoking has benefits, you will get a straight no! They will not even ask about the contents of the smoke. Smoking is often associated with tobacco, which of course, is dangerous to your health. But do you know there are other smokable herbs? And they have immense medicinal benefits. Herbs […]


  • 7 Hacks To Make Your Road Trip Less Stressful

    While driving on a road trip, you feel like reigning the world. With the independent breeze splashing on your faces, sun kissing your cheeks, and miles and miles of territory getting crushed under your feet, you feel like on top of the world! But while our enthusiasm is at its peak and we romanticize the […]


  • 6 Benefits Of Taking Care Of Your Mental Health

    Conversations around mental health have never been this loud and frequent. From celebrities to royals, more people in the public eye are sharing their mental health struggles and encouraging others to seek help. Millions of people worldwide endure some form of mental disorder. Although we still experience loneliness, it is comforting to know that others […]


  • woman with fibromyalgia pain using tens machine

    TENS Units Can Provide Short-Term Pain Relief

    Finding relief from pain is a priority when you’re hurting. There are many options available, including medication. However, some people don’t want to turn to medication to get that relief. Using natural or external methods of pain relief is highly desirable. One option that some people choose to exercise is the use of electric muscle stimulator devices […]


  • young woman with depression staring out winter window

    Focus On Mental Health To Survive Another COVID Winter

    There is no denying that the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 had an impact on our lives, even in 2021.  Everything changed and people needed to adapt quickly to restrictions and guidelines.  Some people coped well and some people do not cope so well.  One area that was challenged throughout the pandemic was mental health.  Dozens […]


  • How To Recover From A Workout With CBD

    There are many things you can do after a workout to promote quick recovery. From staying hydrated, resting, eating the right diet, and doing stretch exercises it’s vital to keep your muscles in good shape so that you can go back to the next workout much sooner. Despite this, most of these options may not […]


  • young asian woman cleaning house hurt frozen shoulder

    Top 4 Signs You Have a Frozen Shoulder

    A frozen shoulder is a chronic and progressive condition that causes pain and stiffness in the shoulder joint. The pain and stiffness typically occur gradually but can worsen quickly if not treated. The most common cause of a frozen shoulder is a tear in the rotator cuff or labrum. It is also common for people […]


  • old grandma with dementia needs cannabis

    5 Cannabis Strains For Alzheimer’s Patients

    A progressive breakdown of cognitive functions – that’s what dementia is. This degradation eventually starts affecting the patient’s daily life activities. Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most common forms of dementia with more than 6 million Americans affected by it as of 2021. The most worrying aspect is the fact that this disease kills […]