Practical and Affordable Head-To-Toe Health Strategies for the Busy Life

Maintaining overall health is one of the most essential goals that you can have in life. But when you are so busy that you can’t imagine adding anything else to your plate, taking actionable steps toward bettering your health may not be a top priority. In fact, it may even seem out of reach financially.

But what if there were some practical and affordable health strategies that could improve your head-to-toe health and be easily incorporated into your everyday life? Fortunately, here are our handpicked ones:

Turn to the experts

First things first: make appointments at the doctor. Whether it’s your physician, dentist, optometrist, or any other type of doctor that you need to see, be sure to keep up with your regular checkups. Also, consider getting a health coach like Dr. Michele Ross to guide you through healthy living. When it comes to your health, there is no substitute for a professional examination and opinion.

Also, when you see your doctors, they may be able to pick up on potential problems early enough to recommend solutions, such as medication or changes to your lifestyle. In other words, going to your medical appointments helps you to stay out in front of your health. Not only can you nip trouble in the bud, as Kaiku Health explains, it saves on medical expenses in the long run.

Practice personal hygiene

One practical way to improve and maintain your overall health is to practice basic personal hygiene. This includes taking regular baths or showers, brushing your teeth twice a day, and shampooing your hair at least once a week. You also want to make sure that you wash your hands before eating or preparing a meal, after going to the restroom, and any other times of the day where your hands get bacteria on them. And be sure to wear clean clothes on a daily basis. It’s a minimal investment of time and money towards your general well-being.

Prioritize nutrition

Diet is critical when it comes to your health. Try to limit food and beverages with high sugar and salt content, such as processed foods. Instead, opt for cleaner foods like fruits, veggies, lean meats, fatty fish, nuts, and seeds. To make this affordable, PlateJoy recommends meal planning. You can also look into produce subscription services that make use of “ugly” food turned down by grocery chains and restaurants.

No diet is perfect, so look into vitamins and supplements that can provide your body with any missing nutrients. Companies like Vitacost offer a plethora of vitamins and supplements, and you can save money by using Vitacost coupons.

Make time for sleep

Getting the proper amount of sleep can do wonders for your productivity in general. However, it is also closely connected to your health. A lack of sleep can make you more susceptible to certain diseases, increase your risk of experiencing dangerous or fatal incidents, and hinder you from making healthy choices in your everyday life.

Make sure you’re carving out time in your busy schedule for seven to nine hours of sleep per night. And change your bedtime routine in any way necessary to make sure you get adequate sleep. It won’t cost you a dime, and you’ll reap priceless rewards.

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Work on your fitness

Finally, get moving. Few things can impact your overall health like exercise. So, whether it’s brisk walking, running, lifting weights, swimming, doing yoga in your bedroom, or any other type of physical activity, try to do it five times a week. There is no need for a gym membership or expensive equipment. Scour the web for workouts that you can do from home. Your physical, mental, and emotional health will reap the benefits, without overspending.

Who says taking care of your head-to-toe health has to be difficult or costly? Remember to go to your regular checkups at the doctor, practice basic personal hygiene, and opt for healthier foods in your diet. Also, prioritize a good night’s sleep, and find a good exercise routine that you can stick with. Before you know it, much of your everyday routine will be benefiting your overall health.

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