Before I had figured out the pieces to my fibromyalgia recovery, I was depressed, in pain, broke, in the middle of a divorce, and working at a job I absolutely hated.

The very system that I am going to share with you allowed me to:

  • Get off all my prescriptions and their awful side effects
  • Wake up with more energy so I could do all the things I used to enjoy, like yoga classes, hiking, and finishing a new book
  • Quickly and easily lose the 50 pounds pain, stress, lack of sleep and thyroid slowdown had packed on
  • Work overtime if I want instead of quitting jobs or canceling contracts because I hurt too much
  • Have more confidence and less wrinkles because I’m no longer making pain frowny faces all the time
  • Use cannabis, CBD and other natural treatments to heal my body
  • Make four times what I did before my fibromyalgia diagnosis
  • No longer be the party pooper that always says no to social events or leaves early
  • Have the mental and emotional bandwidth to save my marriage instead of just giving up and spiraling into a black hole of depression
  • Have extra money to spend on clothes and fun things now that my medical expenses aren’t draining my bank account
  • Get excited for every day knowing that it won’t be ruined by a miserable fibro flare

I Went From Nearly Giving Up Because My Life Wasn’t Improving…

…to discovering my purpose and finding happiness in myself and in life. My joy is helping patients like you heal, as well as educating all the open-minded doctors, nurses, and wellness professional that will listen.

If you’re ready to stop making excuses for what isn’t changing without your action, then I would be honored to have you enroll in Fibro University, and join the other fibrowarriors who are on the same journey to recovery as you.

woman celebrating because she uses cannabis for fibromyalgia

I Want You To Heal Too…

Fibro University will dramatically change your life, if you are ready to put in the work.

So, are you ready to take the first step?

>> Click here to enroll in Fibro University

Let’s make this your best year yet!

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dr. michele ross shares her secrets to living pain free with fibromyalgia

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How I Went From FML To Hell Yeah While Living With Fibromyalgia