It's Time To Start Living, Not Just Surviving, With Chronic Pain

    I'm Here To Show You How With Cannabis & Support You Along The Way

    You deserve:

    • A life without constant pain, fatigue, depression, and digestive distress.
    • The freedom to live everyday without the fear of pain, the ability to make plans without them being ruined because of a flare up, and the energy to do what you love.
    • A life without expensive, addictive, and sometimes ineffective prescription medications with a laundry list of side effects like nausea and low sex drive.
    • To manage chronic pain naturally within a plan personalized to your health history, genetics, and lifestyle. 
    • To receive education about all your treatment options, including cannabis or CBD.

    I have a unique experience being a neuroscientist that has studied mental health and addiction, and a patient that has personally dealt with chronic emotional and physical pain from fibromyalgia, endometriosis, and PTSD. I coach men and women just like you to naturally manage their pain and anxiety, increase energy, and get back to living the life they had before they were diagnosed with their chronic illness.


    If you're like me or any of my coaching clients:

    • You’re overwhelmed with pain every day and feel like no one truly understands the impact of living with your chronic illness.
    • You're feeling stressed out because being sick takes up all your time and money. You don't have a lot of time (or energy) for social activities or self care, and you feel guilty when you treat yourself. 
    • You’re feeling exhausted, forgetful, and unmotivated. You can’t wait to have your next energy drink or coffee, even if gives you anxious jitters or a stomach ache.
    • You don't know what a day without massive stomach issues is like. It's like you're allergic to all food.
    • You know that YOU could exercise, change your diet, work schedule, or make another lifestyle change to improve your health, but you need a little guidance and support.

    If this sounds like the story of your life with chronic pain, you’ve come to the right spot.


    You’ve tried making changes with your diet before but they didn’t stick. You want to figure out what you can eat to feel better, cut the sugar, and reduce inflammation. You’re not a big cook, and need simple, healthy ideas to implement.


    You have goals that you haven’t achieved because you need motivation, support and a step-by-step plan. You’re tired of the pills and surgeries doctors offer that don't help and seem to worsen your health, with toxic side effects that don’t serve you. You're upset your doctor doesn't seem to know anything about cannabis or CBD.


    You wish you could find someone to finally listen and understand.


    Good news. I understand the pain, because I’ve been there. I'm here for you. And I know that the pain’s not limited to the physical. There’s a lot of emotional pain that comes from living a life with chronic pain. I’ll provide you with a safe, non-judgmental space for you to release whatever you need to.


    My name is Dr. Michele Ross.

    I’m a neuroscientist, author, and integrative health coach who helps patients with fibromyalgia and other chronic illnesses naturally manage pain and live their happiest and healthiest life ever!

    Dr. Michele Ross Vitamin Weed Infused Health

    Let’s get real. You and I both know that your current lifestyle isn’t serving you or your body.


    You’ve probably already tried to eat better, exercise, stop overextending yourself, and break bad habits. Yet despite your best intentions, these changed don't hold.


    What’s missing? Accountability. When you know that you’re going to be held accountable for your actions you’ll be more committed to making better choices that support your goals.


    When you set intentions and stick to them, amazing things start to happen in your health and life as a whole.


    Imagine what life could be like if you:

    • Felt less pain each day.
    • Had more consistent energy to do what you love.
    • Ate healthy without flaring up your symptoms.
    • Fit into your favorite pants because the bloat is gone for good.
    • Finally feet heard, understood and supported.

    The Only Way To Get These Results Is To Invest In Yourself And Take Action


    My one-on-one coaching program will help you do just that. It’s designed for patients with chronic illness who want to manage pain in a holistic way, are ready to make changes, and need accountability along the way.

    Your Personalized Program Includes:

    • Twelve 50-minute one-on-one sessions with me held every other week over video or phone call to discuss what’s going on with you, to check in with your success or struggles from the weeks before, and to formulate goals and intentions for the coming weeks.
    • Email support between sessions in case you have a question that you forgot to ask on our calls, or concerns that pop up in between.
    • Guidance on getting in tune with your body’s individual needs and learning to eat with your intuition, so that your healthy food choices become sustainable.
    • Recipes + food ideas that are healthy and simple to prepare so you don’t have to worry and stress about what to eat.
    • Coaching and support on managing stress so that you can naturally prevent symptom flare ups of your chronic condition.
    • Guidance on reducing toxic load in your home environment so that your body has a better chance at restoring balance and responding well to cannabis treatment.
    • Simple, but informative handouts, books, audios and whatever else I think will be helpful to you along the way, to increase your knowledge about cannabis, nutrition, and how your body and brain works.
    • Access to a private support group on Facebook with like-minded patients, so that you have other means of support and accountability.
    • My personal commitment to your health and success so that you don’t feel alone on this journey.

    I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2015 (even though I’ve with nerve issues and fatigue my whole life). I wasn’t happy with the conventional treatment options offered to me and the negative messages I received about fibromyalgia: there’s no cure, you might want to quit your job and go on disability… All of that made me feel super overwhelmed and hopeless.


    Luckily I remembered cannabis is not only an alternative treatment for fibromyalgia, but a superior one compared to prescription drugs like Lyrica. As a result, I’ve dramatically reduced the pain, increased my energy and finally feel like I have my life back. All of this came about through the use of holistic methods: diet, exercise, mindfulness, and cannabis.

    Smiling Woman Ready for cannabis health coach

    This is a Healing Roadmap Built Just For You

    In addition to my personal experience, I’ve spent years learning from other patients with fibromyalgia and pelvic pain about what works and what doesn’t. Everyone’s different. It’s all about figuring out what’s right for you. I’m here to help you do that. I'm a fighter and a survivor, and I'm here to fight for you.


    When you work with me, you're working with one of the most experienced professionals in this field. I'm the author of Vitamin Weed: A 4-Step Plan to Prevent and Reverse Endocannabinoid Deficiency (which you'll receive a free signed copy of!). I not only coach patients but train health coaches, doctor, and nurses around the world in my two courses at the Holistic Cannabis Academy: Cannabis for Women's Health and Cannabis for Mental Health. I'm developing apps and speaking in Israel, Canada, and other hot spots for cannabis research.


    I combine the latest in cannabis research, holistic nutrition, genetics, personalized coaching and preventive health to get you back to healthy. I also help you navigate the challenging maze of getting a cannabis card (if you need one), getting products, affording products, and advocating for your own health. I'm here to help you heal yourself.


    All you have to do is show up, listen to your body, and be willing to implement the guidance I give you and you’ll start to see results….


    And you’ll come away with tools for sustaining these changes so that you continue to feel better well past our time together.



    $1,200 or six monthly payments of $200 (due prior to our first session each month).


    To ensure that I provide the highest level of support to help you create transformation in your life, I only have space for three new clients this month. Don’t miss your spot!


    Imagine how your life will look when you have less daily pain and more consistent energy. How will it look if you do nothing?! Don’t look back a year from now and regret taking action now.


    Are you ready to feel better? Let’s do this!

    Our calls will be conducted over the phone or via a video platform. We can meet at your convenience, with weekend and evening appointments available.


    You’re a great fit for my one-on-one program if:

    • You’re open to being coached.
    • You’re open to new foods, supplements, and concepts.
    • You’ll complete any homework or challenges I provide, including food, stress, or cannabis diaries.
    • You’re willing to purchase low-cost products that will transform your life.
    • You’re ready to listen to your body’s wants and needs.


    You’re NOT a great fit for the coaching program if:

    • You want a result simply by enrolling in the program.
    • You’re not ready to make changes with your diet and lifestyle.
    • You’re closed to new ideas and concepts.
    • You don’t want to try new things.
    • You don’t have time or ability finish homework or schedule regular calls.

    By the time our work together is done, you’ll be well on your way to feeling better. Are you ready? I’m excited to get to know you better and get started on this new journey together!

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