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6 Things to Prevent Solar Eclipse FOMO (and Blindness)

It's more than just pretty things in the sky

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Six things I want to share about Monday's eclipse, since it appears a lot of people have misconceptions that actually could even cause permanent harm to yourself, or at the very least, have you left with a huge amount of FOMO (the first & last time I will ever use that phrase).

1) Even if you are not in the path of totality (that means you Denver peeps), you need eclipse glasses. In fact, the only time it is safe to look at the sun WITHOUT eclipse glasses is during the 100% totality eclipse, which can last anywhere from seconds to over a minute depending on where you are.

Denver does not a 100% totality eclipse (even 92% eclipse can burn your retinas). Damage to your retinas doesn't cause pain, so you won't feel it or know it until it's too late. Going blind because you weren't prepared or didn't believe science is not an excuse...seriously I don't want half our country to go blind.

2) For those of you who think 92% eclipse is good enough...there's some really cool things that happen during an total solar eclipse (including being able to look at the sun with your naked eye, shadow snakes (look this up - I'm excited to see them!), temp drop, spiritual connections, etc). Those won't happen unless you're in the path of totality, and the closer you are to the center, the longer it lasts.

path of totality solar eclipse 2017

3) It's going to be a traffic clusterf@#k driving to the path of totality. Drive now. Don't wait until Monday, when you realize everyone else you know skipped work to drive to the eclipse. Plan, pack water, food, battery backups for being in the middle of nowhere, maps, etc.

Still don't have a hotel? Yeah, they're all booked. But campsites may be open. Try Hipcamp, which is where we reserved out campsite. They have a feature to let you know which sites are in 100% solar eclipse totality. If you book, here's a $20 off discount code. (In fairness I also receive $20 credit, which funds my future nature escapes).

4) I'll be heading out to camp in Nebraska for the solar eclipse. Sorta bummed I'll be in a state that has not legalized cannabis, but at least the penalties are less severe than Wyoming, which is where many people from Colorado are driving to instead.

But don't bring cannabis to a non-legal state. No need to end up in jail for what should be a beautiful, transformative weekend. Instead, work on helping legalize cannabis across the country when you return to Colorado (or other legal state).

5) Use this time to set intentions, drop baggage, and transform into the life you want for yourself. It's not magic, you have to out in the work when you return home, but you might be able to harness that minute or so of total solar eclipse to tell the universe, and yourself, what you really, really want, and it might find it's way into your life soon.

I have several things I want to work on & materialize, I won't share them because they are deeply personal. But these things can be relationship oriented, career oriented, cause oriented, health oriented, etc. It doesn't matter how big or small that intention is. If you are ready to change, ask for it.

6) Remember that in this time of division & hate, Americans of all backgrounds will be coming out & looking at the same sky. We are all one people, not just Americans, but humans. Instill peace in your heart and spread love. Keep it going after the eclipse.

I'll return on Tuesday, and if you don't hear from me for a bit, it's because I'm in a no-cell signal area (heck, even if there is reception I'm turning off & tuning into nature).

Have a beautiful weekend my friends,

and enjoy your new beginning! - Dr. Michele Ross

Where are you viewing the solar eclipse & what intentions you are setting? Share below:

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