• 2 Important Steps To Take When Planning For a Family

    pregnant woman with teddy bear holding baby in belly

    There are many different things to take into consideration when planning for a family. Thankfully, helpful information is readily available through research and the help of medical professionals. Consult the Pregnancy Experts One of the most important things to do when you first start planning for your family is to consult the experts in this […]


  • Can Marijuana Help Treat Crohn’s Disease?

    Are you cannabis curious? If you’re suffering from gut issues including Crohn’s disease, consider medical marijuana. Back in the day, it was illegal to use marijuana for recreational purposes. But in many states where it has been fully legalized, people can use medical marijuana for both recreational and medicinal purposes.  Numerous studies were conducted on […]


  • How To Choose The Best Marijuana Strain For PTSD Treatment

    marijuana doctor recommending cannabis strain for PTSD

    Previously deemed a difficult-to-treat illness, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) now has the necessary treatment options to combat its various symptoms. And it’s all thanks to the advent of medical marijuana! With a cultural tendency towards a cannabis-positive attitude, the de-stigmatization of treating your illnesses with marijuana is happening as we speak. And living in a […]


  • Marijuana Drug Testing: The Ultimate Guide

    Marijuana drug testing has gained popularity among employers these days, and it is a growing concern among cannabis users. In recent years, marijuana and cannabis drug testing has evolved in its methods and has been able to detect more than just THC. That is the reason why more and more people are experiencing positive results […]


  • What Happens to Pre-Rolls When They Age?

    old marijuana pre-roll with gross weed

    Cannabis pre-rolls are convenient and save you time and energy when you’re ready for a smoke sesh. Having several pre-rolled joints as backups can be extremely helpful unless they start to go bad and stale from poor preservation. Here is how you can keep your pre-rolls potent and fresh and how to avoid all the […]


  • Honest Review of Ladykind CBD For Period Pain

    ladykind cbd products pot leaf packaging cannabis

    As most of you know, this LadyKind CBD review is not my first time trying a CBD product. In fact, I first started using THC-containing cannabis products back in 2012 and hemp-derived CBD oil back in 2015. But my experiences with cannabis go way back as a scientist. I published my first scientific journal article, […]


  • Overcoming Mental Health Stigma: 6 Steps to Consider

    At some point, almost everyone living with mental illness has received blame for their condition. You’ve seen them being called names and their symptoms referred to as something they could control “if only they tried.” This is the unwieldy power stigma holds in society today. Stigma can cause you to feel ashamed of something that’s […]


  • How To Make Hemp Chocolates With CBD

    cbd chocolates made from hemp

    Have you ever tried hemp chocolate or also known as CBD chocolate? If you haven’t then maybe it’s time for you to discover the sweetest CBD you can ever have. You can buy it from hemp stores like GETHempd or you can make your own at home.  CBD oil is one of the most popular […]


  • Why This Neuroscientist Is Asking The FDA To Stop Attacking Kratom

    dr. michele ross kratom scientist author

    Plant medicine has been under attack in the United States for many reasons, including the fact that these substances can compete with pharmaceutical products for wellness or even alcohol for recreation. It’s the reason why CBD, cannabis, psilocybin-containing mushrooms, and even kratom has been attacked. In 2016 the FDA pushed to place kratom and its […]