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Join My New App For Women Who Use Medical Cannabis or CBD

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There are 3 ways that you can join IMPACT Network:

Download IMPACT Cannabis app on Apple App Store
Peer-to-Peer Support From Women With Your Condition. Connect with Women Who Support Medical Marijuana and CBD Use.
Benefits of Joining:
  • Meet and connect with cannabis-using women in your city or with the same health condition as you.
  • Share your story and learn from others healing with cannabis. 
  • Access evidence-based resources and experts on how to use cannabis for your condition or lifestyle.
  • Access surveys and clinical studies that will be published in scientific journals, guide treatment protocols, and change policies on marijuana legalization across the world.
  • Access community events across the world and fundraisers for clinical research. 
  • Learn which products are effective and save time and money which would be wasted on buying products that don't work.
What is IMPACT Network?

IMPACT Network is a 501c3 nonprofit founded in 2013 dedicated to clinical research, education and advocacy on cannabis for women. IMPACT stands for Improving Marijuana Policy and Accelerating Cannabinoid Therapeutics for Women Worldwide. Let's #IMPACTcannabis together.

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