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Comedian Lisa Landry Interviews Dr. Michele Ross

on the Womenance to Society Podcast

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Dr. Michele Ross is the first scientist on reality TV (Big Brother Season 11) and one of the only patient's advocates in America working in cannabis research - for women.

Founder of IMPACT Network, Dr. Ross is a medical professional who believes, "We have to give everyone the option to live their happiest and healthiest life...Let's stop passing judgements on plants." This doctor knows "Half of our physical pain is caused by emotional pain" and there are scientifically proven therapeutical benefits of cannabis - especially for women - "This is a female plant. And it's for women."

But while Dr. Ross is trying to do medical research to help cancer patients in her own land, "I love America", Dr. Ross also understands she is unwelcome - and perhaps even targeted - by our FDA, FBI and DEA. "There are consequences to doing the right thing".

“I hope we go back to… helping people help themselves.”

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