Harold Camaya

Harold Camaya is a healthy living blogger and advocate for alternative medicine.

  • steroids reduce inflammation in arthritis but have dangerous side effects

    Steroids and Arthritis: All You Need To Know

    Ideally, when your body realizes the presence of any bacteria or infection in your body, it usually reacts by inflammation. This is a state where your immune system produces an extra fluid to help fight the bacteria or the infection. As a result, it will reduce redness, heat, and swelling in the affected area. Considering […]


  • marijuana doctor explaining cbd and thc to new mmj card patient

    7 Mistakes Patients New To Medical Cannabis Make

    Using medical marijuana is continuously becoming a normal phenomenon. Cannabis is increasingly growing in popularity, which is evident in the number of states that have currently made it legal. Also, extensive online information on cannabis use makes it extremely easy for new users to embrace it. Therefore, they are bound to make mistakes, as not all information […]


  • cannabis or medical marijuana flower

    7 Major Uses of Cannabis in Medicine Today

    The use of marijuana for various health ailments is increasing rapidly in the US as published by a recent study. People have used marijuana also known as cannabis, to treat health issues for at least 3000 years, as per the National Institutes of Health. Let’s have a look at the benefits of cannabis: 1. Appetite […]