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Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science

About IPAT

The Institute For Plant-Assisted Therapy (IPAT) provides training on the medicinal use of cannabis, kratom, mushrooms, and other plant-based therapies. 

IPAT was founded by neuroscientist Dr. Michele Ross. As a patient with fibromyalgia and other severe chronic illnesses, she found traditional prescription medications seemed to be doing more harm than good. But information on natural therapies seemed woo-woo at best or downright dangerous. Clinicians who used plant-based therapies were hard to find and so was products that were safe and effective. If it was this hard for a PhD scientist to figure out, imagine how hard it is for the average patient!

After years of research and experience treating herself and hundreds of clients, Dr. Ross partnered with leaders in Plant-Assisted Therapy to launch IPAT. IPAT provides oversight to the emerging and unregulated industries of psilocybin mushroom, kratom, and cannabis care. By educating clinicians and patients, supporting research, and partnering with nonprofits to provide awareness of PAT, we hope to transform healthcare.

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This is Jane Project

This Is Jane Project is a nonprofit documenting healing one million women with connection and cannabis. The stigma of discussing trauma causes a cycle of retraumatization, isolation, and silence. We believe cannabis can be both a bridge and a vessel in ending that silence.

‚ÄčWe create a safe space for womxn who courageously bring a voice to the stories otherwise left untold. Our personal and collective healing via plant medicine helps to connect us as a community in this mission. This multimedia project includes intimate gatherings,  a nationwide photo-activism campaign, TRAUMATIZED: an event series/open mic, and a feature documentary production telling these stories.

Navigator Genomics

Navigator Genomics is a DNA test that helps you understand how CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids are metabolized by your body and the likelihood of drug interactions with other prescriptions medications you take. Navigator Genomics is leading research on the safety of cannabis for patients with chronic illness.

Decriminalize California

Decriminalize California is the initiative to decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms in the state of California in 2020. IPAT founder Dr. Michele Ross is the Research Director at Decriminalize California.


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