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While driving on a road trip, you feel like reigning the world. With the independent breeze splashing on your faces, sun kissing your cheeks, and miles and miles of territory getting crushed under your feet, you feel like on top of the world!

But while our enthusiasm is at its peak and we romanticize the road trips, the brutal realities of jam-packed highways, whiny kids, tired parents, and homesickness pop up at the road party.

No matter how many things you plan, road trips always have unexpected twists and turn for you. In this article, we have revealed seven hacks that you wish you had known earlier. They don’t guarantee a 100% error-free road trip, but they sure make it a lot less stressful overall.

1. Be Prepared

Being prepared is the key to a safe and stress-free road trip. Right from reviewing the car’s health (whether it is running alright) to preparing it for the journey (cleaning and fueling), you should do it all in advance. Plus, you should install a land rover roof rack to haul up your luggage and leave more room for travelers inside the car.

Besides this, check the air pressure of all the tires and the spare wheel, too. While hitting the roads, only packing apparel, footwear, and accessories isn’t enough. You need to carry various gear and tick off a checklist to ensure hassle-free traveling.

2. Start With Your Seat

On the road, there might be a few uncertainties. However, skillful seating can cut many problems before they arise. A driver in place of uncomfortable seating can cause danger to all the travelers on the road. Therefore, before kickstarting the road trip, arranging a seat is a must for all. A suitable seating posture keeps the driver’s head rested back. It helps the driver to stay alert and active while enabling them to sprawl vision as far as possible on the roads.

Make sure to arrange the seat in a way that:

  • enables you to rest your wrists on the top of the steering wheel easily,
  • keeps your shoulder blades touched to the back of the seat, and
  • allows a subtle bend in the elbow.

3. Pack Snacks. Then Pack Some More Snacks.

On a road trip, some journeys might last for a long time. It might be possible that your abdomen suddenly starts desiring food out of nowhere. Hence, having enough snacks until you can buy some more from the grocery store on the highway or town is a good idea. Moreover, if you are traveling with kids, you should never skip packing snacks. Kids get bored in no time during the trips, and for them; boredom = hunger.

So, before you start the engine, pack lots of non-spilling snacks and keep them handy because hunger strikes anytime.

4. Protect Your Skin And Eyes

What? Did you forget your sunglasses and hat back at your home? A pair of sunglasses can protect your eyes while driving. If your itinerary involves driving at night, too, then you should invest in anti-glare glasses. Also called night driving glasses, this eyewear has a yellow tint that blocks some blue light from sunlight during the day. Similarly, these glasses block light rays emerging from the vehicles on the opposite lane at night.

Protecting eyes is one thing, and shielding skin is another. You should wear sunscreen on the body parts exposed directly to the sun, like your right hand or right arm. Moreover, females should sneak in a stroll or scarf, and men should pack a cap to cover their face during sun exposure to protect their skin.

5. Download an App For Finding Gas Stations

While on the highway, you should stop worrying about where to fill in the gas or when to stop next for a restroom break. With an app like iExit Interstate Exit Guide, you can know everything coming on the highway, from gas stations to public restrooms. Thus, it’s advisable to download an app like this to drive tension-free.

6. Eat Local on the Highway

Carrying snacks helps you keep your kids calm. Plus, it proves helpful when you’re starving and nothing’s around. But moving along meals is a no on road trips. The better thing is to stop and eat locally. We are sure you will find a few excellent cafes and restaurants on the highway worth paying a visit.

7. Take Off Only After You Have a Downloaded Playlist

Listening to music is the best stress-buster. We do it at home and so we can while driving. After covering a long distance, you can buzz some songs and relax. Moreover, playing music while driving makes the environment light and loveable. If you don’t want to stress much on a road trip, always have a downloaded playlist ready to go!


It’s okay if you forget your charger or leave the bedroom lights open. Things happen. The important thing is, once you are on the road, stop worrying about everything else and just focus on enjoying what’s coming next. The best experiences come from the wrong exits, false turns, and diversions in the schedules. Be more open about it and accept the change. Rest assured, you have followed these seven hacks, your road trip will be first class.

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