7 Benefits of Using Hemp Seeds for Protein

Protein is the building unit in our body and performs many essential functions. Even though of so much importance, our bodies can’t store protein, thus we require a regular intake of protein through our diet. To fulfill the protein requirement of our bodies, we have to take protein-rich food each day, or our bodies will start to break down.

One crucial source of this macronutrient ‘protein’ is Hemp seeds. Although obtained from a misunderstood plant “Cannabis Sativa,” hemp seeds are used all over the world for its protein content. Always  buy from your trusted source of High THC Seeds. Let’s see the benefits of hemp seeds.

Benefits of Hemp Seeds as a Protein Source

  • They contain easily digestible proteins: – Other rich sources of protein like legumes contain phytic acid, and beans contain saponins, which are harder to absorb and act as anti-nutrients. But hemp seeds contain proteins like albumin and edestin, which are essential for our bodies are quite easy to digest.
  • They do not have trypsin inhibitors: – The function of trypsin is to digest proteins and convert them into smaller units called amino acids. Trypsin is secreted from the pancreas in the form of trypsinogen. Most of the protein-rich food contains trypsin inhibitors, which reduce the digestive effect of the hormone because of which all the protein present in the food is not adequately absorbed. But it’s not the case with hemp seeds; they don’t have trypsin inhibitor, making them an excellent source of essential proteins.
  • They contain all the essential amino acids: – Amino acids are the basic monomer unit of proteins. In general, our body requires 20 amino acids in total. Out of these 20 amino acids, we synthesis 11 amino acids in our body, the remaining nine amino acids are obtained from different food sources. Hemps seeds are a good source of proteins as they contain all the nine essential amino acids making it an ultimate diet to receive all the essential amino acids at once.
  • They have no additives and contaminants: – Other sources of proteins like meat, juices, vegetables, etc. need processing and packaging before they can make it markets. These processes mean they would be treated with different preservatives, flavoring agents, and other chemical substances to keep them fresh and attractive. This is not the case with hemp seeds; they do not need any artificial preservatives or flavoring agents to keep them safe and fresh, which means we get what we see.
  • They are natural hypoallergenic: – Other essential sources of proteins like legumes, grains, nuts, meat, etc. are seen to trigger allergic reactions in some persons because of some of their components. Wheat, Barley, rye, and other grains contain gluten, which is not suitable for people with Celiac disease. On the other hand, to date, hemp seeds are not known to include any of the allergen components and cause any allergic reaction in any person.
  • They have more protein density than any other food: – It is found in researches that hemp seed contains around 25 gm proteins per 100 gm of  seed. This amount of proteins outnumbers almost all of the food items known till now. The only food item which has better stats is soy. It contains 32 gm of proteins per 100 gm. But soy has a high number of trypsin inhibitor components present because of which most of the proteins remain unusable for our body. Because of this hemp, remains our unbeaten champion.
  • They control cholesterol, inflammation, and reduce the risk of blood clots: – Apart from essential amino acids, hemp seeds also contain a balanced amount of all the vital acids. This fair amount of fatty acids makes them work efficiently in our bodies and increases the density of omega-3 in our bodies. The increased quantities of omega-3 show many beneficial effects on our bodies. These effects include maintenance of blood pressure, improving metabolism, anti-inflammatory effects, and many other benefits. 

Ways to use hemp seeds

One can easily add hemp seeds to the daily diet. Although coming from the cannabis plant, these seeds do not contain THC, so it does not cause any intoxicating effects on our body; thus are safe to use for all age groups. So here are some ways to use hemp seeds in your diet.

  • Sprinkle raw on salads: – It is pretty safe to eat hemp seeds fresh, for that you can add hemp seed to your salad for a nutty and delightful flavor.
  • Blend them in drinks: – If you don’t like the taste of raw hemp seeds, you can consider blending them in your drinks. While making a smoothie or shakes, add a spoon or two while blending it, and you wouldn’t even know it’s there. And with that, you will have your homemade protein shake ready.
  • Hemp milk: – It would nothing be like dairy milk you are costumed to drink, but for some change and if you are lactose intolerant, you can try it. Blend a handful amount of hemp seeds with some water and some vanilla essence, and it’s ready. You get a different punch in milk for a change.

Hemp is one of the most misjudged plants present. Even with lots of beneficial effects of both plant and seeds, which are scientifically proven, people might be reluctant to add them to their diets. To break that stereotype, read the beneficial effects of hemp seeds mentioned above and add them to your daily diet.

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hemp seeds for salads and smoothie protein

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