6 Ways To Sober Up If You Get Too High

Fear of getting too high and not being able to sober up is a fear of many parents, and new weed smokers taking their first tokes every day. This is a rite of passage that every lifelong smoker will remember forever.

However, there is another rite of passage that is somewhat less pleasant. Every weed smoker can recall a time when they had too much, too quickly.

For some people, this might have just been mild paranoia. For others, however, the dreaded “green out” can temporarily rob them of all bodily functions.

That’s why every smoker needs a trusted method of sobering up in a hurry if and when the time comes. Read on to learn six of the best ways to do it.

1.   Use CBD Oil

It might seem counterintuitive to try to fix excessive cannabis consumption with more cannabis. However, if you know a little about the science of weed, you’ll know all about the importance of CBD to keep your “high” even.

The effects you experience from weed comes from THC. The more THC you ingest, the more potent your high will be.

However, this doesn’t tell the whole story. Experts are beginning to realize the role of other cannabinoids in the weed-smoking experience, especially CBD.

CBD is the best-known cannabinoid other than THC. It is non-psychoactive (so you don’t get high) and it has a range of healthcare applications.

As this study shows, CBD also has an important role to play in regulating the effects of THC. If you feel too high, a little CBD oil could help you to feel better again.

If you’re looking for top-class CBD oil, give Lazarus Naturals CBD oil a try.

2.  Drink Plenty of Water

One of the classic symptoms of being too stoned is cottonmouth. Even experienced smokers occasionally get to a point where they can’t feel their tongue after too many bong hits.

Like the other symptoms of being too high, this isn’t dangerous. Though you may feel like you’re dying of thirst, cottonmouth usually passes quickly enough.

That doesn’t mean it’s not unpleasant, however. Not only is it hard to deal with, it can also feed into any paranoia you might be experiencing, compounding the feeling of being too high.

Therefore, drinking some water can help you to feel more at ease. If you feel like you’re getting too stoned, make a trip to the nearest faucet.

Even if your mouth hasn’t gone dry, water will help you to feel more refreshed.

3.   Take a Bath or a Shower

Many smokers report that the sensation of a bath or shower works wonders when you’re too baked.

Scientists aren’t sure why this is. It’s quite possible that the pleasant sensation of the hot water can simply help to drown out the feeling of uneasiness from smoking marijuana. This distraction can keep you calm until the levels of THC in your system have lowered and you can sober up naturally.

It’s obviously not always possible to hop into the bath or shower after smoking. If you’re away from home, try splashing cold water on your face instead.

4.   Seek Distractions

The sensation of being too stoned is largely a psychological one. If you can find something else to engage your attention other than the feeling of being too high, you’ll soon be in a better place.

The key here is not to take on anything too taxing. Watching an episode of a funny TV show or some YouTube videos might do the trick.

Getting outdoors for a walk in the air can also help in a lot of cases.

5.   Eat Some Black Peppercorns

This might seem to some people like an unconventional way to sober up after smoking weed. However, eating or smelling black pepper really can help you to recover from being too high.

As the scientists in this 2011 study demonstrated, cannabis and black pepper share a number of chemical ingredients. Just as CBD can help to balance out the effects of too much THC, it appears that the terpenes in black pepper can achieve the same effect.

If you have black peppercorns in your kitchen, try chewing on one. Alternatively, if you have ground pepper, smelling it should do the trick. Be careful when trying the latter, however, as pepper can sting your nose and eyes.

6. Give Yourself Time

This one might be cheating a little. It is obvious that, given enough time, your high will eventually subside by itself.

Obvious or not, however, it’s worth stressing. Remember, even if you get super-baked, you’re not in any danger. All you have to do is ride out the experience and you’ll soon feel better.

The amount of time you’ll need before you’re fully sober again varies from person to person and depending on the way in which you ingested your cannabis. While weed that you’ve smoked should wear off within an hour, edibles can take several hours to leave your system.

However, you might not need to get fully sober in order to feel OK again. People often get uncomfortable at the peak of a high, but start to enjoy themselves again once this particularly intense experience has passed.

Use These Tried and Trusted Techniques

Getting too stoned is never good, especially when you have something important to do in the near future. However, if you get acquainted with the six tips we’ve listed here, you’ll be well-equipped to steer yourself back into your comfort zone the next time it happens to you.

Not everyone reacts the same way to every technique. The best way to make sure you have something that works is to try all six and see which one suits you best.

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