Do you ever feel like your morning is a complete waste? You wake up too late or rush through work tasks, and it’s lunch before you know it! It’s time to take control and improve your morning with a few simple additions to your morning routine. Explore these tips to revitalize the morning hours of your day.

1. Wake Up Earlier

The sound of your groaning is already audible, but waking up earlier is the best way to make a difference to your day. Setting your alarm clock for even an hour earlier allows you to take your time getting up and taking care of tasks without feeling rushed. You’ll feel more productive, relaxed, and refreshed when you start your day that much earlier.

2. Add a Brief Workout

Did you know that it takes just 10-20 minutes of exercise a day to improve your mood, enhance your cognitive abilities, and boost brain function? You don’t need to go out for an hour-long run or spend 45 minutes on your stationary bike to enjoy the benefits of a workout. A moderate exercise routine that lasts 20 minutes is the key to improving your outlook for the day.

3. Eat a Healthier Breakfast

Studies have proven that a healthy, balanced breakfast changes your body chemistry to ensure you’re functioning at your peak. Make a meal with organic ingredients and add antioxidant foods like chia or hemp seeds for extra protein, vitamins, and minerals. If shakes are your go-to meal choice, you can even take breakfast wherever you go with a portable blender.

4. Get Rid of Nighttime Aches

You might be used to popping a couple of painkillers every morning to get rid of that crick in your neck or the ache in your lower back. Instead of a pain pill that could cause ulcers, damage stomach lining, or weaken your immune system, it’s time to consider topical treatments to get rid of early morning pain and improve your entire day.

Recently, there have been several promising discoveries about alternative cannabis uses to help patients with a variety of medical conditions. From hemp CBD lotion for those morning pains to edibles that improve motor function for Parkinson’s patients, it seems cannabis has more uses than anyone could have imagined.

5. Take Care of Your Teeth

If you’ve always wondered how to work flossing into your daily routine, after breakfast is the perfect time to do it. You’re already doing your skin care routine, fixing your hair, and putting on some makeup—so why not floss to finish your bathroom maintenance? That clean and fresh feeling is the perfect way to start your day.

6. Do Something You Love

Whether it’s meditation with some healing mantras or reading a few chapters from your favorite book, it’s okay for you to take 20-30 minutes out of your morning to do something for yourself. Don’t ever feel guilty for enjoying some me-time, as it can actually help you refocus and make you more productive than ever!

Experiment with Your Morning Routine

It may require some experimentation with your morning routine until you find the perfect fit. Try out some, or all, of these tips to discover which ones have the biggest positive effect on your entire day!

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6 Morning Routines To Improve Your Day