6 Major Benefits of CBD Oil For Your Brain and Body

There’s a lot of negative stigma around CBD oil. It comes from the cannabis plant, so everyone instantly associates it with marijuana and getting “high”.

But CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive chemical compound, which means it can’t get you high. It also doesn’t have addictive properties.

THC, which also comes from cannabis, is a psychoactive compound responsible for that “high” effect after consuming marijuana.

So, now let’s explore some of the most significant benefits that CBD oil can provide to your brain and body. There’s also a range of high-quality CBD products that you can try if you wish to experience these fantastic benefits.

Reducing Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

CBD oil can relax and defog your mind, reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. According to a study published in Neuropsychopharmacology, CBD helped people who were anxious about giving a public speech by reducing their anxiety.

Researchers believe that CBD oil affects the brain’s serotonin receptors, stimulating the production of the happy hormone and alleviating the symptoms of anxiety and depression. It can also help with PTSD and severe cases of insomnia, all because of its effects on serotonin.

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Protecting Your Brain Cells

CBD oil enhances mood, but it can also affect the brain on a deeper level. It can improve the health and function of the brain cells, as it boosts the blood flow to the brain and provides it with essential fatty acids.

Hemp, or industrial cannabis, contains a high level of essential fatty acids vital for the brain. Providing your brain with essential fatty acids means protecting its cells from oxidation and other kinds of damage that occur with age. It also means stimulating the growth of new cells.

That’s why scientists believe that CBD can play a significant part in helping people with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and other neurodegenerative disorders.

Improving Cardiovascular Health

Since it can improve the circulation of blood, and reduce stress and anxiety, CBD oil may be able to improve cardiovascular health. According to many studies, it lowers high blood pressure and oxidative stress, thus preventing heart disease and other cardiovascular problems.

A study by The American Society for Clinical Investigation showed that a single dose of CBD has the power to reduce high blood pressure. It reduces both resting blood pressure and the blood pressure increase to stress, which is linked to increased heart rate.

Relieving Pain

You may have already heard that CBD oil relieves pain, especially in the joints and muscles. That’s because it affects the pain receptors in the brain.

The body has an endocannabinoid system that regulates pain, among other physiological conditions. It produces neurotransmitters called endocannabinoids, which bind to the nervous system’s cannabinoid receptors.

When CBD enters the body, it affects the function of those receptors, inhibiting them and interacting with them to reduce inflammation and pain, induce sleep, improve appetite, and much more.

Strengthening Your Immune System

Now you know how CBD oil can reduce inflammation in the body. But what does that mean for your overall health?

When there’s any kind of inflammation, the body activates its fight response to protect itself from any potential threat. It boosts the blood flow and starts producing more white blood cells that protect the body against infections and toxins that could hurt the immune system.

Since CBD oil, which is packed with antioxidants, can reduce inflammation, it can boost the immune system and enhance overall health.

Minimising inflammation also means soothing various skin conditions, including reducing acne and balancing the skin complexion. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation found that CBD oil can reduce sebum production, thus helping treat acne. CBD oil can be a great alternative to treatments that are expensive or potentially dangerous, like Accutane.

Improving Digestion

The body’s natural response when it comes to inflammation and healing is to stimulate swelling when there’s an injury, for instance. It also reduces swelling when there’s no need for it.

CBD oil affects the immune system and stimulates that response, thereby improving digestion by reducing stomach swelling and bloating.

Its anti-inflammatory properties can calm the stomach and help with irritable bowel syndrome as well. It can help with any digestive problem or discomfort you may experience.

CBD oil can really work wonders for your health. But there are many more benefits that it can provide. These are just some of the ways it can boost your overall health and well-being.

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