5 Best Ways To Treat Muscular Pain With CBD Oil

The pain and agony caused by tight muscles is something that most of us experience at some point. If you are lucky, the debilitating effect of muscular pain will be temporary and short-lived. For a vast number of people who suffer from diseases that cause acute pain, the nightmare of not even being able to sleep due to the agony is an everyday reality.

This kind of debilitating pain is usually the result of a physical disorder or health issues like multiple sclerosis or Tourette’s syndrome. The pain can also be less severe and temporary, like in most typical cases.

CBD oil from Lazarus CBD is known for its valuable properties in minimizing and managing pain resulting from both disorders and diseases. CBD can help manage pain originating from physical exercise as well. The five ways CBD can affect muscular pain positively are as follows.

1.   It can help manage pain resulting from muscle inflammation

DOMS, an acronym for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, usually accompanies exercising and can manifest itself within twelve to seventy-two hours after a workout session. High School students might be familiar with the belief that this pain results from the accumulation of lactic acid in the person’s muscles.

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, that is not the only view. Many scientists and medical researchers hold that the pain occurs due to the damage on muscle fibers in a small, microscopic scale due to the physical strain.

The pain that accompanies is, therefore, inflammatory in nature. The injuries make the body react in the same way it responds to physiological threats. The immune system gets activated, and the body area experiences an increased flow of white blood cells. This response is also the reason behind the recovery of the muscles in the post-workout phase.

Cannabis seeds can help in minimizing these painful results of muscle inflammation. The topical use of CBD oil is effective and potent for athletes and bodybuilders who have to manage pain. Topical CBD oils need not pass through body metabolism to have its intended effects. CBD oils stand apart from topical medicinal creams by affecting the muscle inflammation itself.

2.   CBD can help in pain management by maintaining homeostasis

CBD allows people to manage pain through its effects on the maintenance of proper body homeostasis or balance. CBD can impact and affect the endocannabinoid system of the body. This body system assists in critical physical and cognitive functions. Besides the mental mindset or mood and memory, the endocannabinoid system also affects the mechanism of experience of pain.

As per a study conducted in 2004, it appears that CBD can provide relief from pain through TRPV1 receptors. These receptors are responsible for critical body functions that result in homeostasis, like inflammation, sensation, and body temperature.

Additionally, CBD helps to constrain brain and spinal cord levels of glutamate in mice. These neurotransmitters play an important role in sensing pain and transferring that sensory information. Human studies have also found CBD to bolster brain anandamide signals. This particular chemical significantly affects the feeling of being happy.

3.   It may help people suffering from multiple sclerosis

Several studies would point out CBD and cannabis effectiveness in diminishing spasticity and pain of the muscles. If you are not aware of spasticity’s exact meaning, they are the muscle stiffness and muscle spasms that take place on their own when a patient has multiple sclerosis. If this spasticity is mild, then the feelings might be compared to having cramps and feeling tight. In case of severe spasticity, you can expect severe pain and uncontrollable twitching.

Almost 90% of people who have multiple sclerosis will experience some form and level of spasticity. The spasms usually take place in the legs and can result in sleep disruption. Paralysis is often an outcome. 

A 2012 University of California study found that cannabis use and perhaps CBD oil can lead to a 33% reduction in spasticity than consuming a placebo. Another important finding of the study was the 50% reduced pain perception. That kind of result is far more effective than any other present medicine. Alternatively, absolute beginners to CBD world can also order weed online and reap similar benefits.

4.   CBD shows promise as a treatment for chronic pain

Another report on chronic pain, as well as muscle spasticity, had exciting outcomes for their study. The data from several reviews consisting of almost a score of studies and trials were examined, and the results compiled. The researchers concluded that Cannabis and CBD are indeed useful for treating chronic pain in adult human beings. Another advantage of CBD was that there is no gradual build-up to the tolerance levels of CBD. So, one need not continually increase dosage amounts to experience the same levels of relief.

5.   It helps to minimize arthritis pain

One particular 2016 study on rats by the European Journal of Pain found CBD to be effective in helping mice with arthritis. They applied a CBD topical gel to rats with the disease for four days. The inflammation dropped significantly, and the typical signs of experiencing arthritis pain lessened along with it.

Final Thoughts

It would only be fair to conclude that CBD oil shows great promise in the treatment and management of different types of muscular pain. As per the evidence, it is also helpful in managing chronic pain. CBD oil is bereft of any intoxication resulting from its use and fewer possible side effects. It is often preferred to other kinds of medications we intake to keep pain in control.

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