4 Ways CBD Can Help You Crush It At Work

The CBD industry is one of the booming sectors. According to a recent survey, the U.S CBD industry may reach $16 billion in earnings by mid-decade. The U.S farm bill approving the sale of hemp plants played a vital role in strengthening the CBD industry. CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive chemical compound present in cannabis plants. The cannabinoid helps reduce many physical and mental health diseases. For instance, CBD may help ease chronic pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia. Many people use CBD products to heal anxiety. 

How To Use CBD

CBD is available in many forms of supplements and lifestyle products. There is a wide range of CBD supplements, varying from coffee to topicals like balms and lotions. Moreover, finding CBD-infused products online and in stores is easier than ever.  Sunday Scaries CBD is a brand that offers high-quality CBD extracted from organic hemp. You can ingest CBD in the form of oil tinctures, edibles. Many users apply CBD topicals like massage oils, balms, and lotions as well.

Can CBD boost your productivity at work?

We’ve learned that CBD possesses various healing benefits for physical and psychological wellbeing. Moreover, it can help users crush it at work too. Gaining success at work requires hard work, creativity, and focus. But one may not always be creative and focused. CBD may help in such situations.

1.   CBD boosts creativity

Coming up with many solutions for a single problem is essential in any industry or business. From creating content to discovering out-of-the-box ideas for marketing, it requires creativity. CBD may help you boost your creativity and increase blood flow to certain brain regions including the frontal lobe. This region handles creativity, problem-solving, and planning.

Increased CBF (cerebral blood flow) results in divergent thinking. It is the ability to come up with many solutions for any given problem. Hyper-priming is another benefit of increased cerebral blood flow to the frontal lobe. Hyper-priming refers to drawing connections and patterns between various distinctive concepts. That is essential for creative thinking. Thus, you can achieve more positive results at work with increased creativity.

2.   CBD improves focus

Staying focused is a crucial trait to work efficiently. Lack of focus or concentration difficulty is one of the common problems we all face. Even some of the most flourishing and intelligent minds can lack focus at times. It happens due to various medical, mental, and cognitive health circumstances. For instance, mental factors that can stop you from crushing it at work include stress, emotional trauma, and anxiety.

One way CBD helps in improving focus is by controlling brain excitation. CBD can regulate the levels of excitatory glutamate and GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) in the body. These two chemicals are among the most important ones that help in the healthy working of the brain. Thus, by attaining balanced excitation and inhibition levels, CBD enhances focus. Users can stay focused on a specific task with the help of CBD.

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3.   CBD manages anxiety and work stress

Anxiety disorders are becoming more common lately. Studies show that nearly forty million adults in the U.S suffer from an anxiety disorder. People with anxiety know that being a part of a work atmosphere can be difficult. We’ve previously mentioned that anxiety and stress may cause concentration difficulty. Moreover, many people are anxious and concerned about not crushing it at work. For instance, they often think of how people will receive and critique their work. That further hampers their creative thinking and becomes a blockage while working.

CBD is famous for its potent anti-anxiety effects. It directly activates a type of serotonin receptors called 5HT-1A, which boosts mood and relieves tension. Users are less prone to have any anxious or depressing thoughts. Physical and mental stress also affects our performance at work. CBD reduces stress by managing cortisol (stress hormone) levels in the body.

4.   CBD promotes quality sleep

Sleep deprivation or having low quality of sleep also affects concentration and creativity. No wonder you feel tired, sleepy, and lethargic during work hours when you haven’t slept. Our body restores the required balance while we are asleep. So when you miss out on sleep, the body does not have time for balance restoration and natural metabolism. You may experience severe physical and psychological problems as a result.

Lack of focus, irritability, and weakness are some common side effects of insomnia. These side effects may affect your work-life to a great extent.  Whether you have trouble sleeping or with the quality of your sleep, CBD can help you. CBD is efficient in treating insomnia by calming the mind from any anxious thoughts. It also promotes slumber sleep, improving the quality of your sleep.

Final Thoughts

CBD not only improves physical and mental wellbeing, but can help you crush it at work. Consider these factors before consuming CBD: dosage, product quality, and any pre-existing health conditions to avoid any side effects. Always buy organic and high-quality CBD products from a reliable source. It is better to start with little amounts of CBD until you find the ideal dosage. People with chronic health conditions should consult their doctor or an experienced cannabis clinician before consuming CBD.

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CBD oil can boost productivity at work

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