3 Ways To Stop Coronavirus Fear Mongering

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic that is currently affecting the globe has literally changed our way of life as a society in such a short time period. Never before have we seen such an abrupt pause in our world. So many things that we once just assumed were stable and unchanging have now become much more appreciated in their absence.

The dramatic shift in today’s lifestyle, fear of illness, seeing and hearing of people around us suffering from the virus and being required to self quarantine are all very valid reasons to become filled with fear. However, it is important that we remain level headed and hopeful in times like these.

Feeling fear is one thing, allowing it to overcome you is something different entirely. In this article, we will highlight three points that hopefully provide some perspective on this issue and put an end to coronavirus fear mongering.

Control what you can control

One of the most obvious explanations as to why you may feel consumed by fear is the overwhelming amount of bad news pouring in from all corners of the globe. With so much despair going on around you, even knowing where to start in your attempt to help the situation can become so hopeless that you quit entirely.

It is extremely important to remember that you CANNOT control almost everything outside of your immediate environment. Don’t allow the problems all around the world to become your own personal issues. Instead, do what you can for you and your loved ones.

Heed the recommended precautions by the CDC, wash your hands and avoid large gatherings of people. By just making sure you and your loved ones adhere to the agreed upon safety protocols, you are already doing your part in the battle.

Consider this, if each and every individual were to perfectly follow all of the quarantine and hygiene recommendations, this pandemic would certainly be unable to continue on for very long. With that being said, make sure that YOU are following the rules and then rest easy knowing you have controlled what you can control.

Look for silver linings

Make no mistake about it; this pandemic is in no way, shape or form a positive situation. Apart from those that are sick and have died from the actual virus, an enormous amount of individuals are suffering as well. People are being forced to watch their loved ones fight this illness all alone due to contact precautions and even more people are without any source of consistent income.

Portraying this situation as anything but a disaster would be disrespectful to these individuals. COVID-19 is not a hoax, and enforcing safety precautions like masks and social distancing is not coronavirus fear mongering, but just basic respect for your fellow human beings.

However, in every horrible situation, there are always slivers of hope if you look hard enough. It is recognizing these silver linings that can make the difference in becoming overcome by fear or getting through this pandemic with a level head. Yes, things are bad right now, but think of the beneficial things stemming from this situation.

For example, how many of us are getting to spend quality time with our immediate family for the first time in maybe a long time? Furthermore, think about the many things we are extremely fortunate to have that we often failed to give a second thought before this pandemic.

Given that boosting your immune system and strengthening overall health is such a hot topic these days, imagine how many people have gotten a wake up call to finally put their health and fitness first from this point on.

Help if you can

Finally, one of the best ways to combat fear is through action. As we previously discussed, making sure you are doing your part as an individual in regards to stopping the spread of the COVID19 virus is certainly enough as it is. However, if you are actively following necessary precautions but still feel like you need to do more, there are certainly opportunities to do so.

Helping other people has the remarkable ability to quiet many negative emotions that we often experience in our own lives. Fear is one of these emotions. While you are not obligated in the least to do so, going out of your way to assist with any one of the many services dedicated to helping those affected by COVID-19 can go a long way in your struggle with fear.

Many of these services, such as getting food to at-risk individuals who need to avoid shopping, taking care of children currently without any supervision due to sick parents and even obtaining personal protective equipment for our brave healthcare workers are already in place and ready for your help.

Don’t fall victim to coronavirus fear mongering

It’s so easy to fall into anxiety spiral. This will all get better eventually. Life may not look like exactly how it did before, but that the nature of life. It’s always changing, and we’re always adapting. Stay safe and stay positive throughout this coronavirus pandemic. You’ve got this. And if you need some extra support, try taking my favorite CBD oil for anxiety. Save 10% off with code INFUSED.

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