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Work with Dr. Michele Ross to optimize your brain chemistry, balance your immune system, and calm your gut with a science-based, personalized plant medicine approach incorporating mindset work.

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Dr. Ross blazed the path for cannabis coaching

Dr. Michele Noonan Ross has been providing cannabis and wellness education for over 15 years. Whether you’re a patient looking to cultivate a relationship with plant medicine, a budding cannabis coach, or wellness brand owner looking to scale and impact more lives, you’ve found the right mentor. 

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Dr. Ross can help you transition from prescriptions to holistic medicine including CBD, cannabis & mushrooms.

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Our books, online courses, and programs are perfect for patients or professionals who want to get good at weed.

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As an experienced PhD/MBA I can serve on your medical advisory board or provide business consulting.

What's Your Chronic Boss Spirit Animal?

Find out how handling your chronic illness impacts your work performance and what the next steps are to work healthier, not harder.

What I Believe

My mission is to empower patients and entrepreneurs with the knowledge of plant-based medicine so they elevate their health and their businesses.

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Stop struggling with your health

Your current treatments aren’t working and your health is downward spiraling. You need a fresh approach backed in science that works, fast, and won’t interfere with your performance at work.

Dr. Ross will review your medical history, have a 1:1 video wellness consultation, and provide a personalized plan for reducing pain, fatigue, focus, mood, and sleep issues with holistic medicine which may include CBD, cannabis, or mushrooms.

"Easy to implement what i learned. my pain and anxiety is so much lower now"

Dr. Ross’s passion for using CBD to heal people is amazing. Her energy, humor & relatability are refreshing & inviting. The type of wisdom and warmth that you’d want if your health journey should include CBD.


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Dr. Ross is a trained TV host, spokesperson, podcaster, and course creator. She is comfortable speaking on any platform to groups of any size, and can speak on topics including cannabis and psychedelic medicine, fibromyalgia, women’s health, and more.

Fun fact: she was the first scientist to star on reality television in the world, lasting 66 days on the hit CBS show Big Brother.

NEuroscientist, Author, Cannabis Coach

Hi, I'm Dr. Michele Ross

My mission is to help you build a life full of joy and free of pain. I used to struggle with health problems including fibromyalgia, chronic pelvic pain, and even hundreds of blood clots and lung damage that left me in a wheelchair on an oxygen tank. On eleven prescriptions, I was depressed, frustrated, and hopeless.

By using cannabis, mushrooms, kratom, and other holistic treatments, I not only healed my body but reconnected my soul with its purpose. If you’re ready to shift from chronic illness to chronic healing too, you’ve come to the right place.

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